Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day, 2014: Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road is the highest, continuous, paved road in North America.  It goes above 12,000 feet in elevation and is pretty, darn, close to our home.

The road is closed in the winter due to snow and had just opened on Saturday for the season.... weather permitting.

Hubba and I have taken the trip once before, but wanted to see the walls of snow.  So after the BolderBoulder and a nap on Memorial Day, we went out.

In Estes Park and at in the lower levels of Rocky Mountain National Park it was shorts and t-shirt weather, but above tree-line we were wearing down-sweaters and knit-hats.

The elevation and topography can be disorienting.  Even for us Coloradoans, an extra mile above sea level is significant.  ;-)

I'm so happy to be living in this part of the world.  :-)


Ruth said...

We spent a long weekend in Denver a few years ago. Had a blast, but oh god did the elevation do a number on me! I know that with enough time I'll adapt (I spent a summer in the Ecuador mountains as a teenager), but the weekend itself just wasn't long enough.

Chrisknits said...

I recall a visit to Colorado in August where we were sliding down snow patches still left on the mountain sides as we wore short sleeves and some had on shorts. What fun!