Friday, May 16, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday: Alpaca Cape, part 4

Last time I had just fixed a mis-crossed cable.

just fixed cable

My Mother's Day Shearing Client had rescheduled last week due to the weather forecast which turned out to be a good decision.  ;-)

We had cold, rain and snow for a few days, so it was nice to pull out the Alpaca Cape and spend some time with it on Sunday... and the Rolling Stones on repeat.  ;-)

I knit a few more rows and have not quite decided if I am ok with the repair job.  So the shawl has been stretched out on the guest bed for the last few days waiting for me to make a decision.

It was suggested that I wet block the area and then make my decision.  But now that I look at the photo below, I don't think it is as apparent as I think it is.  In person, I think the repaired cross (second from the top) looks pouchy.

What do you think?


Andria said...

I think it looks fine, and I am picky. In fact, I think it looks lovely. However, if it will bother you forever, then maybe rip it out? Tough call.

Chrisknits said...

It will block out and no one will notice it even if it doesn't. Looks so squishy!

Spinster Beth said...

Have you tried using a crochet hook to gently pull the stitches around the loose spot? Sometimes that helps.

WonderWhyGal said...

It looks great! If you didn't tell me that you made a repair, I would never know. You did a great job fixing it. Keep moving forward.

Ruth said...

My knitting skills are rudimentary at best, but it looks awesome to me!