Sunday, March 23, 2014

Things That Work: Undercoat Rake

I was introduced to a dog grooming tool last summer by Gunnar's breeder.  I had been using the Furminator de-shedding tool on our other dogs for several years, but it just wasn't working well with the Tibetan Mastiff's double-coat.

This new-to-me tool is called an Undercoat Rake.

It has one or more rows of spinning tines.

It pulls the fur out amazingly well.

This is Noodle about two weeks ago, right before she started to blow her coat...

and last weekend, while her shedding was in "full blow."  She and I spent some time with the rake.  ;-)

If you have not personally experienced a dog blowing it's coat... it's quite a sight.

Here she is telling me to stop taking photos and get on with the brushing. lol

We had another raking session today.

She still has some undercoat around her neck and chest.  But most of it has been shed out on her body, legs and tail.

I captured nearly two grocery sacks of fur to use for spinning and left some for the birds.

This Rake definitely works for dogs like the Tibetan Mastiff and other LGDs that have a double-coat.

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Ruth said...

I have two, one has longer tines and is perfect for working the thicker ruff Apollo has. The pin brush works too, but not as well as the rake!