Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shearing Day Preparations

Since my Day Job is continuing to move from one hypercare situation to another and my shearing season is pretty well booked, I decided to spend some time on Sunday afternoon getting ready for my own shearing day.

I put together our shearing order and a check list.

I prepared 4 pre-labeled bags for each of our 17 alpacas... one each for the Blanket, Neck and Legs & Belly fiber and a sandwich bag to collect the sample that we will send out for micron and standard deviation measurement.

I took inventory of the things we will need during the day, put what I have together and made a shopping list for the few items we need to acquire.

I also wrapped up my used combs and cutters to send out for sharpening.  On my list for a while now is to get the equipment and learn how to do this myself.  There just always seems to be something a little more important. ;-)

There are still a few things to check or complete.  Shearing Season starts in one month.

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