Friday, March 14, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday: Knit Worthy and an Accident

Some people are absolutely Knit Worthy.

These people graciously accept a hand-knit gift.

They love and adore the item for years.

They tell their loved ones how much they love it every time they put it on.

Then one day the item gets misplaced and they frantically search for days.  Only to discover that it found it's way into the laundry.  :-(

When someone loves a hand-knit gift this much, they get a replacement.  :-)

And for this, I love Ravelry!  I did not have much of this yarn left, and had modified the original pattern somewhat.... but I had put the appropriate notes in Ravelry.

Knowing that it had been several years and a completely different state since I purchased this yarn, I took my notes and the tiny bit of yarn to one of my LYSs.  I set out to find something comparable.... a hard thing to do when you know the person loved the original so much.  I came home empty-handed.  :-(

So I decided the check Ravelry on a whim... I found out that this yarn is discontinued, but that several people were interested in selling their stash.

I found a large amount of the same yarn in the same color.  I sent a note inquiring about the stash and crossed my fingers.  By the end of the day, we had an agreement and my new yarn was on it's way.  :-)

I just love Ravelry.  What a tremendous resource.

The yarn arrived earlier this week.  I sent a note to the sender telling her that it arrived and to thank her again.  Then went to add it to my Ravlery stash... only then did I find out that the yarn I just bought was not only the same color, but also the same dye lot!  Wow!! What are the chances of that happening?

And now I not only have enough to replace the hat, but I also have enough to do something larger which I had been wishing I did with the original yarn.  Win-Win.  :-)

The Replacement is now in progress:

Happy Fiber Arts Friday.


Natalie said...

Wow...Lucky day for you. That's pretty incredible. Happy knitting.

Corrie B said...

Serendipity! I hope it goes well :)

Chrisknits said...

Isn't it great to have a resource to even look for the yarn when discontinued!! I have a nephew who has well loved his blanket. I tried to knit a replacement for the now half felted and ratty original, but he will have nothing to do with it. LOL! Only the old one will do. Now that's love.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Yea for you! Big win.

Carol said...

Great story - Ravelry is invaluable - I have done the same thing myself.

Cathy Johnson said...

What a heart warming story! I recently had to ask a fellow Raveller if she would be kind enough to part with her stash (it wasn't listed for sale) because I was running short and I couldn't find it anywhere else, and she said yes! Yes, I love Ravelry too :-)

Vivian said...

I like looking at Ravelry stashes even when I don't need anything, almost like window shopping. What great fortune to find the yarn you need, even in the same dye lot. Sublime is great!