Friday, June 14, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday: The Wild Fire Edition

I went to the Estes Park Wool Market last weekend and was planning on sharing that with you today.  Especially since it was the anniversary of the start of the High Park Fire which burned near here last summer.

The High Park Fire became the most destructive in the state's history, when you consider homes and property improvements damaged or destroyed.  The record only stood for a few days when the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs became the most destructive.  We were feeling grateful that fire season hadn't started and that it was still looking quite green in our area.

Then earlier this week, I visited the Spun: Adventures in Textiles exhibit at the Denver Art Museum with some of my family and I thought I might share that trip with you.

It was a lovely day and fantastic exhibit that was hampered by smoke from the newest, most destructive fire in the state's history.  The Black Forest Fire, near Colorado Springs.

In both cases, the Black Forest Fire is smaller than the last two, but has already destroyed more homes.  As of this morning, it was 379 homes and 15,700 acres burned... and it is only a few days old.

Evacuations are in progress.  The generosity of the people nearby, who can help is astounding.  I witnessed someone making a plea on an online Alpaca Group for trailer assistance in evacuating livestock and having it met.

I've heard that the few people we've met in the area are safe and are helping others as best they can.

Livestock (including alpacas) are being evacuated to the Elbert County Fairgrounds unless the farmers have made other arrangements.

I know that most of my readers are not in the Colorado Front Range area, but if you are, and are able, please consider making a donation of feed or hay to the evacuees.  We will be making a hay donation when we get feed later today.  It's not a lot, but I know that every little bit helps... and with 379 homes already destroyed, the need for the animals and their people will be in place for a long time.

The Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies has set up an account for those who would like to donate feed and hay.  Black Forest Fire Alpaca Fund, ABR, PO Box 1965, Estes Park, CO, 80517 or call 970-586-5589.

9 Cares, Colorado Shares are taking food donations this weekend and of course, The Red Cross are great places to help as well as many other organizations.

There are a few other fires in the state, including the Royal Gorge Fire, also near Colorado Springs and the Big Meadows Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park, directly west of us, all of which are significantly smaller.

By the way, we are safe.  Our farm is about two hours north of the Black Forest Fire.

I hope that you are safe where you are and enjoying a beautiful spring, Fiber Arts Friday.


Voie de Vie said...

Looks like a fine exhibit! How did the smoke hamper it?

And good luck to all who are affected by the Colorado wildfires. It definitely seems that Colorado has taken it on the fire chin the last few years.

Kathryn Ray said...

Oh sorry... the smoke was so think, that visibility was only a few blocks. Which meant that on the bridge and in the lobby areas, we could also smell the smoke. Definitely difficult for those with breathing issues.

Vivian said...

Glad to know you are relatively far away from the fire. The pictures we see look pretty scary. We are in a high fire season too.

Carol said...

I have been in Denver during some of the fires last year and I know everyone in Colorado wants to pitch in and help.

WonderWhyGal said...

I bet that exhibit was great to visit. I've been watching the news and hoping everyone I know in CO is ok.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the off topic comment, but I didn't want to leave a comment on an old post, and I couldn't figure out how else to get in touch without having to create an account I'd never use. Someone directed me to your blog because you've spun your TMs' fur into yarn, and I was looking at doing similer with my Apollo's shed this year. I've found someone local who'll do it, but is there anything I should warn her about, or suggest? Can you give me a guestimate on how much yarn comes from one dog?

For what its worth my Apollo is a Barnes grandson!