Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wrapping it Up

I spent much of the weekend doing the final tasks to get the garden ready for winter.

I pulled the remaining weeds from the veggie garden and put the stakes, labels, row-markers and patio furniture away.

We have a man coming this week to help us turn the front parking area into a second veggie garden including incorporating all of the alpaca manure we have stocked up.

After that the only thing I have left to do is wrap the young trees when it gets a little cooler and pick up the leaves once they've finished falling.

Then I think I am ready for winter. :-)


Natalie said...

Good for you! I am so horrible at putting the garden away for the winter. Spring usually finds me ripping out the last of the tomato plants (among others) that I just couldn't bother with. The boys still think it is fun to rake up the leaves, so they have been raking for me and putting all those leaves onto the garden rows that have been cleared. That surely helps make things look tidier.

MarmePurl said...

Great end to the season. Nothing better for the garden than alpaca waste. Looks like you will be quite busy in the spring with the expanded garden. Good for you!

Carol said...

I'm here in Denver visiting my daughter and her family and we have been raking leaves, only to wake up the next day to the yard filled with even more of them! Of course the kids are loving it - what great fun to jump into those piles! I know what you mean about your hat; I love working with bulky or chunky yarn and getting that great feeling of having finished something so quickly.