Thursday, October 4, 2012

Introducing: Shang-Hai's KayaKyi Susitna

We spayed Wonton over the summer, so we had been looking for another breeding-quality female Tibetan Mastiff (TM).

LGD#3 is 7 months old and just came back from her first show where she won best Tibetan Mastiff Puppy.  :-)

We brought Noodle down to our breeder's place yesterday so she could see how well Noodle has grown up, as well as ease Wasabi into her new family.

Wasabi is related to Wonton, but not to Noodle.  So this will give us more breeding options in the future.

She was great on the car ride home, and made friends with both Wonton and The Alpaca Dog quickly.

She wasn't too sure about the alpacas at first, but has warmed up to them quickly too.

Wasabi in front, Noodle behind and Wonton to the right

Her fancy name is Shang-Hai's KayaKyi Susitna, but as you've probably figured out, we will be calling her Wasabi.  :-)

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