Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have been reading Astrology Zone for years.

I think that Susan Miller does a very good job... for me anyway.  My forecasts are usually quite accurate.  So I had to share tomorrow's forecasts for me.  Boy, I sure like where this is going.  :-)

Daily Forecast – 10/10/12

You haven’t lost your way.  If anything, you’re on the verge of finding it, if only you would discard past expectations and debunk the myths you've told yourself about what constitutes a happy life.  There is a new wave of people coming into your life and they could become the truest guides that you could ever hope to have.  If you would allow yourself to follow their lead.  Open your mind and your heart, and they will show you the world in ways that you've never seen it before.


MarmePurl said...

Interesting....very interesting.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

That is an awesome forecast! You're going to have a fantastic day today :)

Voie de Vie said...

You'll need to keep this date and forecast in mind for future reference. :)

Spinster Beth said...

Hope the new babies are all doing well!