Sunday, September 9, 2012

Garden: Tomatoes and Onions

My tomatoes are doing better.

There are a few Romas and a few Heirlooms, but mostly there are these tiny-little Juliets.  They're kind of like Cherry-Romas.  They grow in a cluster like Cherry Tomatoes, but are shaped like Romas.  They're tasty and meaty, but but not really worth turning into sauce.  At least in my opinion they're not.  If I had a food mill, I might feel differently.  ;-)

Hubba's been snacking on them and I plan to take some to Knit Night to share this week.

Our onions are small, but very potent.  I suspect I should have planted them earlier.

The thing I'm excited about is my new, future garden.  :-)

our property ends right before the trees

Hubba and I have decided to turn the front parking lot into a veggie garden.  :-)

We had been talking about putting in a planter box for blueberries and raspberries along the road to the left and make the rest of the space grass and shade trees.  But with the ridiculously hot summer, I think Hubba has decided  that grass is too much work.  ;-)

Right now it's mostly Goat Heads because we generally don't use this space for our cars and have ignored it all summer.  The rock facade on the house faces west and this space becomes unbearably hot in the summer and fall.

I need to stake it out and then call for the line locates.  :-)


Keri said...

I love tomatoes. They are one of my favourites. Your look yummy.

Spinster Beth said...

I grow Juliets ... I consider them delicious snacking/slicing tomatoes, but not really appropriate for cooking. Your onions are beautiful! I wish they looked like that in the store!

I live in Baltimore, where the winters get below freezing. I have blueberry bushes and strawberry plants that come up again every year and do very well. Hopefully it will be the same for you! Oh, and raspberries too.