Thursday, May 13, 2010

Compost Bins

We have two piles composting behind our shop.

There is a large pile of alpaca manure on the left and a smaller pile of yard waste on the right.  We have been collecting the alpaca manure for six months now and the yard waste for about a month.

I have the separate piles because the alpaca manure does not need to be composted prior to using it.  However I have found that a little aging mellows the aroma.

My husband is supportive of composting and recycling as long as the place is neat and tidy.  I have to agree with him and feel these piles are not the way we want things to be.  Which means I've been thinking about compost bins a lot lately.

After our fence repair last week, I had a waste piece of fencing that I figured might be useful in building a compost container.

The fence it 5 feet high, so I cut it in half.

I bent the ends and latched the fence into a circular container.

The holes in the fabric are 2" x 4" which seems to be holding the material together pretty well.

I should be able to remove the containers easily when the compost is ready.

I need to make a few more bins for the yard waste, then I will tackle the manure pile.

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