Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 1st Annual North American Alpaca Shearing Competition

June 24th will mark the First Annual North American Alpaca Shearing Competition.

The competition will be held at Moonlit Alpacas in Cornwall, VT.

Points are awarded on the quality of the shorn blanket, the look of the finished alpaca and time. 

The classes are based on experience level.  So there's room for a "young" shearer like me, as well as the very experience shearer.

The competition is sponsored by:
If you are in or near Vermont or able to be. I bet the shearing competition would be really fun to watch.


Jay Ward said...

the shearing competition will be a lot of fun! and a great learning experience for many. all are welcome to join us to compete or spectate. see you there!

Anonymous said...

I am a shearer, way out here in the west. I would love to shear at the competition, though time and distance will not allow. Perhaps some of the folks there will post some video clips, so we can still learn, and catch some of the shearing fever. Thanks, and have fun.

Jared Livingston
Living Sun Live Stock

Kathryn Ray said...

Jared - I'm hoping for video as well.

Have a great shearing season.