Friday, January 27, 2017

Fiber Arts Friday: Washing Fleece

Last July a friend came over to select some fleeces for a class she would be teaching February.  It was possibly the hottest day of the year.

She didn't need the fleeces until January.  So I offered to skirt and wash them.  Five fleeces, Six months.  No problem.  Right?

Well...  In between the many other things...  I am done skirting, but I am still washing, and drying.

Since it's winter, the fleece is drying faster in the bathroom than outside.  But "fast" is a relative term.

Between my office and our bathroom, our place looks like a fleece factory.

I will make my deadline, but it will be close.  I'm very thankful for Hubba's patience.

What have you been up to?

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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Chrisknits b said...

I will show this post to Hubster whenever he throws a fit about the 1 closet and half a room I use for my crafts!! LOL