Monday, January 30, 2017

Alpacamundo Monday: Hay Delivery

Generally my biggest concern with owning livestock is hay.

Our place is not big enough, nor do we own the equipment to grow and bale our own at a reasonable cost.  So while we do let our alpaca graze the field in the summer, we buy most of their forage.

A couple of years ago I connected with a local farmer that produces a high-quality hay, that is suitable for alpaca, at a fair price.

I'm grateful that he is able to deliver small bales (~65-lbs each) multiple times a year.

The small bales are more expensive for him to produce, but they are easier for us to handle.  He brings the hay on a flat-bed trailer and then stacks it in our barn... This is a huge benefit for us.

I'm happy to say that hay is less of a concern than it used to be.  This load should last into May.

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