Friday, January 6, 2017

Fiber Arts Friday: Handmade for Christmas

For this year's annual Dirty Santa gift exchange with my family, I decided to make a Beer Mitt.

I'm not sure when that I first saw this, but I thought it was simple and clever.  (published in Knitty about three years ago.)

I pulled out two complimentary balls of left-over yarn and made a couple of swatches.

I settled on knitting the largest size, with smaller needles.  If I do this pattern again, I think working in something that is super-wash would make this project a bit more practical.

What have you been up to?

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!


chrisknits said...

I love it!! I need to make one of those. Or two, for those heavy drinking times!!!

chrisknits said...

The pattern can be find on Ravelry. I add knitted bobbles on the bums for pop!

Kathryn Ray said...


Beth Coleman said...


Richard Rose said...

Interesting, but not for me I think. I don't drink much in the way of canned drink and never drink beer.