Friday, July 15, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday: Tour de Fleece - 2011, week 2

Welcome back to my weekly Tour de Fleece installment.  Week one progress is here and week two progress is below.  Please enjoy.  :-)

Friday, July 8th

Woo Hoo.  Bobbin #1 of Tibetan Mastiff is full!

Saturday, July 9th

No spinning accomplished.  :-(

Sunday, July 10th

I began spinning bobbin #2 of the Tibetan Mastiff Fur.  My intent is to ply these once both bobbins are full.  Then I will wash the yarn and set the twist.

I think it's going pretty well. There are small bits that are over-spun, but really this is significantly better than the yarns I've spun in the past.

I am having a challenge showing off the fiber in my photos though.  The places with the best light in my house offer the worst background... eew... 1974 linoleum.  OK, maybe the linoleum isn't original to the house, but it certainly is not of the current decade... or century for that matter.  :-/

Technically the fiber is golden, but it looks beige in the photo.  Add blonde wood and "white" linoleum and you get a very blah photo.  I'll see what I can do to make these photos more interesting.

Monday, July 11th - Rest Day

Today was supposed to be a rest day, and I am travelling.  However, since I missed one day last week and one this week, I decided to spin a make-up session.  Not sure if that's "allowed."  ;-)

I brought my drop spindle and a ball of paco-vicuna roving.  I haven't spun paco-vicuna before but I thought starting with roving rather than a batt or cloud would be the better choice.

...and I love it.  :-)

This roving is really just luscous.  I'm enjoying spinning it.

Tuesday, July 12th

Wednesday, July 13th

Thursday, July 14th

Not sure if you can see a difference from yesterday... I only had a little bit of spinning time in the morning prior to the going to the office and my flight home.  I'm considering spindling at the airport, but I still feel like a spazz with the drop spindle.  So we'll see how I'm feeling when I get there.

Much, much later in the day...
 I didn’t spin at the airport but I did spin on the plane. I spun while we were waiting 2 hours to take off and then I spun while we were diverted and slowed down in flight.  The weather in Denver added 3 hours a to my trip.  :-/

A few people watched and smiled. My seat mates asked a couple of questions. One had visited Peru last year.

I think today counts as my Challenge Day since I over came a fear of spindling in public and I did it in a very cramped space. Also it was a challenge to just stay calm while they kept saying the next update from ATC will be in 30 minutes... I rescheduled my shuttle home 3 times.

I'm am back home now, so the paco-vicuna and spindle will be set aside in favor of my wheel and Tibetan Mastiff Fur which I hope to finish up soon.  :-)

Please remember to check in with the other Fiberistas over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder because it is Fiber Arts Friday.


Voie de Vie said...

I really can't wait to see your Tibetan Mastiff all plied and washed. Once off the bobbins, maybe an outside shot will help to show off the color more?

Vivian said...

It would have been so much fun to sit next to someone spinning on the plane, although all the delays sound really annoying, and inconvenient too. Hope both the weather and your schedule calms down a bit to allow you more fiber time.

Spinster Beth said...

That's definitely a challenge! I spun a bit on the D.C. Metro once, but since everyone in the car was going to the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, no one thought much of it!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the mastiff all plied up ... it looks a little like alpaca or camel in the picture. Does it cling to itself well? I'm very curious about spinning doggie hair (my doggie is not a spinnable dog, unfortunately)

WonderWhyGal said...

Go Team of Wonder! Love all of your spinning.

Tamara Miller said...

Your spun Tibetan Mastiff is pretty amazing. Cannot wait to see it plied. I was thinking about you spinning on plane and what a clever idea. Great way to promote hand spun yarn!

Kathryn Ray said...

@Spinster Beth - I like your question, because I haven't thought about the cling factor before... The TM doesn't really cling to itself like the paca-vicuna. I wonder if that's due to how I processed it or if that's how dog fur behaves.

@Vivian - I could not agree with you more. :-)

@Tamara - I hadn't really thought about spinning on the plane as a way to promote hand-spun yarn, but you are so right. I think I will do it more. :-)

fiberdance said...

I have a friend who wants me to spin her Burmese Mountain dog hair-been holding off but you've inspired me to say yes
Also in answer to you question-I love to spin the Jacob-its cool to have 3 different kinds of wool-brown, white and mixed. The ones I've had have been super soft.

Pooch said...

I Googled Tibetan Mastiff to see the dog and am quite certain that it's quite a relief for doggie to have less of its beautiful coat in our HOT Colorado weather!!

Your fiber looks wonderful and certainly takes many hours to achieve!! Spinning on a flight is a grand solution!

I appreciate your comment about the throw I am beginning to crochet. Thanks!

Keep cool!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Congrats on spinning in public, the paco vicuna looks lovely and soft