Friday, November 13, 2009

Loafing Sheds - In Progress

Last week we finally started work on our loafing sheds and corrals.  This week, the sheds are nearly framed out.

For the moms and crias.

Two seperate corrals and sheds for the big boys and little boys.

Since one of our herd sires can be aggressive when there are open females around, we decided to seperate the boys and girls with the hay barn.

The girl's corral is also closest to the house so we can keep an eye on any near term mothers when the time is right.  Though, our next cria aren't due in September 2010.


allison said...

Yes, we've seen your male in action. Are you storing the shovels in a secure, undisclosed location? Rebar is a good choice.

Kathryn Ray said...

That was actually not our male. But yes, the shovels are stored in an undisclosed location. ;-)