Monday, November 23, 2009

The Dog We Should Have Named Houdini

We have a dog who is an escape artist. 

He can get out of almost anything.  He prefers to dig under the fence and take our other dog out for an adventure.  Fortunately, he loves Hubba more than anything on earth so he is happy to come home and hasn't gotten into any real trouble (so far). 

Hubba leashed him to a fence post.  Houdini ate the leash.

Hubba changed the leash to a cable.  Houdini found a way out of his collar.

Hubba changed the collar to a harness, tied the collar to the harness and even put two harnesses on his dog at the same time.  Houdini found a way out of all of them.

Sometimes Houdini would get out of the harness or collar and stay in the yard.  I think just to make a point. 

This dog has been able to get out of every collar and harness hubba tried, save one.

When he could no longer go on his unsupervised adventure by going under the fence and losing his collar, he went through the fence.

We don't like the idea of leashing our dog when he's in our yard, so this weekend we improved the fence on the dog corral.

We took fencing and layed it on the ground against the vertical fencing.  Lashed it together and secured with landscape pins.  Houdini wasn't very excited about the work we were doing.

We will bring in some fill dirt to bury the horizontal fencing and straw to make it comfortable.

Hopefully this battle of wills is over.  But only time will tell.

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