Saturday, August 1, 2009


I love books.

I know many people say that print is dead, or on the road to dead. But I can spend hours in a book store.

For me there is nothing like a good book. I love the smell and feel of a book. I love the typeface and the white space. I love the possibility a new book provides. Because of this, I completely lose track of time when I visit a book store.

I usually go to find one specific book or a book on a specific subject. I find the appropriate section and scan the shelves noticing titles, fonts and colors. I open the books so I can look at and feel the pages with my fingers. I read the summary on the back jacket and then the first few pages. I read the blurb about the author and a few pages in the middle. I check out the table of contents and of course the price. I build a stack to bring home.

I especially love bookstores that have wood floors and tall wood shelves, comfy chairs amongst the books and an espresso bar. This enhances the wonderful sensory experience of being surrounded by books. But, there is little more satisfying than finishing a well written book.

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