Friday, August 28, 2009

30 Day Habit: After 4 weeks

Almost a month ago, I decided to start a new habit, daily stretching.

I'm not doing so good.

I reviewed my first week's progress here. I thought I had reviewed my second week's progress, but apparently that was just in my brain. There is no third week progress. So that brings us to today, four weeks.

I don't think I stretched at all over the last two weeks. Maybe once or twice, but let's just go with zero since I don't really remember.

This is what happens when life happens. We forget to take care of ourselves.

I'm having a great time at work. We have a definite plan to complete our relocation project. But I forget to take care of myself. So I am recommitting to another 4 weeks.

Hopefully daily stretching will be a habit by September 24th.

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