Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Technology

I went to the Boulder-Denver New Technology (BDNT) Meetup last night. This was my first meetup so I wasn't really sure what to expect.

I was blown away. This is a very cool thing.

About 400 people came together to hear a few companies spend 5 minutes each talking about their new technology products. The audience then had 5 minutes to ask questions and provide feedback on each product or company. This was very fast, very intense and very fun.

These are local companies doing really cool things.

Sports Data Hub - data analysis for NFL Football, professional and armchair
iggli - organize your friends to go to ticketed events
TimZon - Integrated Video and Screen capture for sharing comments for product developers on multiple continents
Rezora - online marketing tool for real estate agents
Zeo - personal sleep analysis and feedback
TechoShark - iPhone app that integrates social media with conference goers

Some products were definitely more interesting to the audience and thus the audience was more engaged. The questions were intelligent and more business then technology focused.

I am absolutely looking forward to the next session.

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