Thursday, July 23, 2009

If I'm looking for dog breeders, I'm not looking for miracle weight loss solutions

Today I am looking for dog breeders.

I performed an ordinary search in my favorite engine and found a site that looked promising. I clicked on it. The first thing I saw was a huge color picture of a woman's torso and thighs. She's a bit out of shape. She's wearing a g-string. What!? I'm looking for dogs.

As I scroll down in disbelief, I see there is a little content regarding the breed but the ads are huge. The ads are all over the place; large, full color, big red font. The content is in small grey text. The content is basically invisible.

In my opinion, the ads shouldn't even be there. However as a website owner, if you insist on having advertisements, please ensure they are relevant to your content. Please ensure they are not more important than your content.

So what's the point here? I'm definitely not going to explore this site further and I'm not going to share the URL. I don't see any reason to drive traffic to this site and these folks just lost a customer.

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maya | springtree road said...

i completely agree with you. that's so annoying.