Friday, December 30, 2016

Fiber Arts Friday: Happy New Year!

Years ago I submitted my first-ever Fiber Arts Friday post.  I was still pretty new to fiber arts and The Alpaca Farm Girl was hosting the weekly link-up.

A few years later, The Wonder Why Gal started hosting Fiber Arts Friday.

I went through peaks of posting and linking up each week, as well as valleys of posting less than once each month.

Over the last year or so, when I had something fibery-related, I still used the Fiber Arts Friday label.  It's one of my favorite bloggy traditions.  So in 2017, The Wonder Why Gal has passed the torch to me.  I hope to do my predecessors proud, and I hope that you will join me here each week to share your fiber-y adventures.

I finished spinning this Bison+Silk a while ago, but just got around to washing it.  It was a very nice preparation from The Buffalo Gal in southern Wyoming.  I acquired it at the Estes Park Wool Market a few years ago.

The silk gives it a nice luster and it's quite lovely after being washed.

Happy New Year and Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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MarmePurl said...

SO excited that you will be hosting this! I will be back to contribute soon!