Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dog Show: Greater Denver Dalmatian Club - Puppy Match, 2014

The Greater Denver Dalmatian Club Puppy Match was at the end of July.

It was a relaxed event for puppies only.  The intention is to expose puppies to the whole show scene but without the stress of it being a fully-sanctioned event.

I brought both Miles (6.5 mos) and Mochi (8 mos).

We were the only Tibetan Mastiffs and they both did better than I expected.

Miss Mochi with her Lion's Mane and Wooly Chaps (because she is still shedding) won Best of Breed over Mr. Miles who was so excited and distracted by everything that he could not walk a straight line.  lol.

All photos are courtesy of Taboo Tibetan Mastiffs, Mochi's breeder.

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Chrisknits said...

They are adorable!!! My 3 year old "puppy" would still be distracted by anything.