Friday, August 16, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday: Dreaming of Shetland

There is a new eBook out called Dreaming of Shetland.


The project was started by Donna Druchunas and Anne Berk as a way to help fund the work that Deborah Robson is doing.  All of the proceeds go toward her research into Shetland Sheep and Wool.

You may know Deb as one of the authors of The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook or Knitting in the Old Way or as a former editor of Spin-Off Magazine or countless other fiber and literary endeavors.  I know Deb as a fellow knitter, spinner and dog enthusiast.  I consider myself lucky to call her a friend.

Shetland Sheep are an ancient breed that can be seen as the foundation for many other sheep breeds yet they are not well understood.

The eBook is being released in sections in order to allow the files to be much more reasonable in size.  Each section contains an essay and patterns by noted designers.

Everything has been donated... the time, the patterns, the editing, the website.  I only wish I had appropriate skills to have also donated to the project.

More about the book and project can be found here.  The book can be purchased here or here.  Both links ultimately lead to a PayPal Transaction sending the funds directly to Deb.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!


Vivian said...

Looks like a lovely book, will definitely check it out.

Cathy said...

Almost two years ago when I was searching for possible PhD programmes I came across a scholarship offered by Edinburgh University, it was a research project on Shetland lace which involved living on the island for two years. I was so very tempted, if it hadn't been for the consideration of my children's schooling I would've applied. Just bought the eBook, wish every success to Deb and her colleagues, just wish I could go to the Shetland with them. :)

WonderWhyGal said...

I am always looking at the sheep when I attend festival. I will have to check out this book.