Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hubba and I were out for errands on this completely, gorgeous afternoon and saw cars pulled over and people walking with cameras.

He exclaimed, "There's something in that tree!" But all we could figure out was that there was a nest.  So we decided to drive past on our way back.

I saw there were chicks and was pretty sure they were raptors, but couldn't tell if they were eagles or owls.

So I came back later with my camera.  :-)

Can you see her?

stretching those wings

Last photo as I was starting to leave, then...

A 3rd owlet popped up

and gave us a little show.

Clearly these are Horned Owls, but I have not done enough research to know if these are Great Horned Owls or if there are other varieties of Horned Owls.

Living in Colorado continues to amaze me.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

So beautiful!

Julie said...

Wow that is so neat. We have a owl that we hear all the time but haven't seen him yet!