Friday, April 26, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday: Shaking the Funk

I've felt a bit of a funk lately.  The explosions at the Boston Marathon didn't help and neither did all of the snow we've received over the last two weeks.

But my Donegal Hat is finished.

Yes, I have one (1!) end to weave in and still to soak it.  It is not nearly as scratchy as I thought it would be.  So I don't expect to be knitting a liner for it.

All of the snow has turned our pasture green... and our grass... at least what survived last summer is currently green.

It's was more than 60F when I took these photos yesterday.  The sun was shining and yes, that is snow on the right.  We have snow in the forecast.

I hate the advertisements on the free apps... um, no thank you. :-/

The traditional last freeze is Mother's Day (2nd Sunday in May) and to be honest, Memorial Day (last Monday in May) can often be quite cold around here.  So it really is not unusual and I'm happy that we aren't seeing as much lake-bottom as we were a few weeks ago.

Our Cherry, and other fruit trees are nearly ready to leaf out.  Which reminds me to make sure I have enough CDs available to hang in the branches once we have fruit.

Our dogs are ridiculously cute and sweet.

I love having a puppy again.

He has two brothers and one sister who are available, if you feel the NEED for a Tibetan Mastiff.  I have photos and can put you in touch.  :-)

The house next door was a short sale, then a foreclosure and has essentially been vacant for 9 months.  It closed last Friday.  So we have new neighbors!  They are nice and excited about the dogs and alpacas.

So, I'm shaking the funk.  Life really is good.  I am happy.  But sometimes the world gets heavy.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday. :-)


Chrisknits said...

OMG! How could you not be in heaven with puppies!!!! I would have a house full if my husband would allow. But two dogs were a stretch to slip by him. LOL. Wait, he bought the 2nd one himself. Love the hat. Looks like it might be used before the season is done there.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

We are in the same situation, weather-wise - although no more snow (I hope). It's amazing what improved weather can do to lift spirits - and your new puppy can't hurt, either :)

Vivian said...

Your hat looks great, and I like your head form, I've been looking for one for awhile.

Love all your puppy pictures! But Gunnar is not a food name, is it?

Voie de Vie said...

Oh that Gunnar is a cutie! And I love that hat.

You're entitled to your funk - people in the world just don't make much sense sometimes, do they?

Alittlebitsheepish said...

Your hat looks great, I always find a bit of sunshine cheers me up no end. More puppy pictures please, all your dogs are gorgeous, the alpacas too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathrine! Your dogs are so sweet and cute! I do need a Tibetian Mastiff - wish i could!
x Teje

...:M e d h a:... said...

Gorgeous hat, although I have to say the pups, esp the baby are even more gorgeous!

AllyB said...

I like your hat, a lot. Your "head" is very interesting too. I know you're glad for some nicer weather as are we. I've a feeling we're just going to go from winter to summer. I'm happy you'll have neighbors, hopefully all those children will grow up fast and be looking for some work, hehehe. Have a great weekend! Your puppy is such a sweetie.

WonderWhyGal said...

Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!

I love your hat and the fact you are finally getting spring weather but I love the puppy the most. PUPPY!


Cathy said...

I love your upbeat spirit! You seem to have my dream life... alpacas, dogs, cute puppy and fruit tress... and nice neighbours... what more could one want ;) Lovely hat and I want that puppy! LOL

city garden country garden said...

The photo you posted on Twitter of the puppy with snow on his nose was just the more gorgeous pic! I'm sure that at the tail-end of winter it's hard to get enthusiastic about seeing more of it, but seeing the puppy experiencing something that must just be in his blood must have been so exciting.

city garden country garden said...

...sorry, I meant "most gorgeous pic"!

Jess Schleicher said...

Puppies! They're so cute. I'm off to find some CDs... I'm assuming to keep the birds off of the cherries? I have a tree that's ready to go... all the blooms are in. We'll see if we get fruit this year. Your hat looks so very warm, and isn't it always nice when you don't have to do a liner? Maybe that's just me and my dislike for sewing. LOL.

Kathryn Ray said...

I found the mannequin head on Etsy. The shop is called LUKETTI.

While we often give our animals a food name, it is not ALWAYS the case. ;-)

Yes. CDs work well to keep the birds away from the fruit.

It's true, sun and puppies are very good for the spirit. :-)

Katja said...

Yup on the Boston/snow/general stuff funk. I'll add the too-much-business-travel funk.

I'll tell my husband about the CD idea - he normally puts giant nets over the fruit trees, which bothers me because the birds manage to get inside the netting and die there.

Jocelyn said...

The hat looks great! The dogs are definitely cute and that furball you call a puppy is totally adorable! Plenty to get happy about. If it's any consolation it's going to be in the 90's here (Calif) and I'm not happy about it (too hot!)