Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Reader is Going Away

Hopefully (if you're a user of it) you've heard by now that Google Reader is going away.

I learned from a friend on Facebook about a week ago.  I had decided to wait to make any changes.  It looked like the other options where overwhelmed.

But then I noticed that it is gone from some menus yesterday.  It is still searchable, but I figured they'd give it a little more time.... supposedly, Reader isn't going away until July 1st.  :-/

I went back to my friend's FB post and reviewed the information that she and her friends had put up and decided to try Feedly.

The iPhone App looked promising and ended up being very easy to set up... almost instantaneous.  The PC/Chrome version was a little more challenging.  The trick is making sure you "add to Chrome."

I messed around with the settings for a while and discovered I could add a few feeds that I hadn't figured out how to add to Reader.  Reading on the iPhone marks as read on the computer and vice versa.  I'm not certain that I'm committed to Feedly, but so far I am feeling ok about it.

The visual experience on the app is quite nice.  Though I have not figured out how to comment on the mobile version of the posts... which is not a Feedly issue.  I can type it in but for some reason they are never posted, so I started going to the web version and that seems to work ok.

If you are a Google Reader user and have yet to make your decision about how to keep your subscriptions, here are a couple of posts from good sources on situations like this: Copyblogger and Mashable.

In the meantime, I offer RSS and email subscriptions on the right sidebar.  --->


Spinster Beth said...

I don't know what Google Reader is ... but I scrolled back and looked at your projects, and I am looking forward to seeing the Donegal hat!

Kathryn Ray said...
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farmer_liz said...

I got overwhelmed by the feeling that I might choose the wrong alternative and end up regretting it. You know how you invest so much time in one and then you don't want to change, even if its no good, but you don't really have time to try them all and everyone had conflicting advice. I signed up to bloglovin, but I'm not lovin it at the moment, but I can't really be bothered trying anything else at the moment, at least all my blogs are listed in a safe place!

Che koala said...

Thanks for the suggestions Kathryn.

I am very dismayed at Google Reader's demise and head in the sand so far what to do once Google kill it off :((