Thursday, August 9, 2012

Food: Canning Peaches

Hubba ordered 2 Lug Boxes of Palisade Peaches from our neighbor.

We picked them up on Friday.

I canned on Saturday and Monday evenings.

I made two jam and two butter recipes.

There were six total batches and 50 half-pint jars.

Hubba awarded me a Gold Medal for Jam.  :-)


Voie de Vie said...

I'd give you a jammin' gold medal too! Oh yummmy, yummy, yumm.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Awesome! We get our 1 box on Friday. There is talk of my lower sugar raspberry peach jam and a peach liqueur or some variety (brandy perhaps?) and we haven't had a peach cobbler yet this year, though that only uses 3-4 depending upon their size. I suspect between that a few more to eat fresh with yogurt we'll be through our box pretty quickly.

Kathryn Ray said...

I think next year, we could handle 3 boxes since I didn't make any frozen or canned sliced peaches, or cobblers, or anything like that.... We did eat a few though. They are sooo tasty this year. :-)

I'm looking forward to tasting your creations. :-)

Paula said...

Excellent work! We're giving out homemade peach jam as wedding favors in a couple of weeks and I'm desperately hoping we have a jar left!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

That all looks delicious, I think you earned that medal for sure :)

Natalie said...

That is so fantastic. Sometimes I wouldn't mind a gold medal for my efforts. :)

Practical Frog said...

Ooooo! Yummy! My mom used to bottle and jam the peaches from our tree's in the backyard when I was a kid! Hard, but very yummy work - Definitely a gold medal performance! - K xx