Saturday, August 11, 2012

First Watermelon

I'm feeling a little sad that I only planted one zucchini this year.  The production of the zucchini has been slow.  But after last year, I guess it's not a bad thing to be wanting more.  ;-)

The tomatoes have started ramping up.  They're still small and Hubba usually eats them before we make it to dinner.  :-)

The exciting news is that we picked our first-ever watermelon yesterday.  :-D

It was still a little green, but boy was it juicy and sweet.  Yumm

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Natalie said...

Same over here...I remember having more zucchini than I could think of ways to use it, so I only planted 2 this year. Guess boys are eating it this year, so now there isn't enough to go around. Plus, we have discovered the beauty of chocolate zucchini bread, so we could have used many many more. Noting that for next year. That's the beauty of gardening isn't it? This gardening season isn't even over and I am already planning what is going in next year.