Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garden: What a Difference a Month Makes

Last month we were in  a terrible drought with wildfires nearby.

Today, we're still in a drought, but we have had some rain and everything looks a whole lot better.  :-)

The fires near us have all been contained or are very close to containment... (High Park, Flagstaff, Hewlett, Arapaho, Squirrel CreekWaldo Canyonand the pasture is now more green than brown.

The tomatoes have overgrown their cages and the winter squash is doing really well.

The grass hoppers have hatched this week  :-/  There are quite a lot of these cute little buggers hopping around.

I added some old CD's to my plum and peach trees.  I remember having several more old CDs before we moved, but apparently I got rid of them and haven't added anymore.  I suspect I will need to get a few more since 1 per tree is probably not enough to keep the birds away.

We've had our first harvest a couple of weeks ago... mostly just checking a few things and thinning out the radishes, but still really fun to eat.  :-)

I was able to harvest a couple of proper-sized zucchini today though so I think our harvest is ramping up.  :-)


Natalie said...

We are just starting with the zucchini too. My kids don't think they like it, but I keep making them have one bit each time and I think it is growing on them. By the end of the season, I can always hide it in some baked goods too.

MarmePurl said...

ooo great idea with the CDs.

Linda said...

I really hope more rain comes your way soon, your fresh produce is looking lovely.

Have a great week


city garden country garden said...

The zucchinis look great. I'm sure if you've had success with those there'll be heaps more to come. Ours were such a failure last summer that I'm determined to grow them successfully next season! Any tips?

Kathleen said...

I'm glad the drought is abating a bit, and am seriously jealous of those zucchini!

Tara said...

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