Saturday, July 21, 2012

Garden: Things are Growing

I thought that I would have more time for weeding since I'm not travelling for my day job much these days... I haven't.

But I don't feel manic about getting it finished on the weekends.  It's actually been a couple of weeks since I've weeded.  ;-)

The rains came a couple of weeks ago, but we haven't had much since.  So I think my spaghetti squash got too dry this week.

spaghetti squash

It's looking pretty rough right now, but it is loaded with fruit.

spaghetti squash

A whole lot of other plants have fruit on them now too...


Honeydew Melon



My okra and rutabagas have sprouted (finally) and my tomato plants are fully loaded.

The CD's I put up in the fruit trees seem to be working.  Crossing my fingers for plums, soon.  :-)

I picked a few things this morning.  I think these will go nicely with the other things we found at the farmer's market this morning. :-)

cucumber, zucchini, radishes


Linda said...

Deaspite not having too much rain, your garden is flourishing beautifully. So much wonderful produce there.

Voie de Vie said...

That looks like the beginnings of great salad. :)

Kathryn Ray said...

Thanks. :-)

And the salad WAS delicious. :-)

Ory said...

What type of mulch is that under the cucumbers? It looks like a nut.

It's hot here too. Don't worry so much about the weeding, if you don't take a photo we won't know you didn't do it.
Enjoyed reading your posts.
Love Alpacas, want to learn more about them.

Ory in Katy, Texas

Kathryn Ray said...

LOL. Good point Ory.

The "mulch" is actually alpaca manure. We call them beans. ;-)