Friday, August 12, 2016

Fiber Arts Friday: County Fair, 2016

I had three entries prepared for this year's county fair.  The Tibetan Mastiff 3-ply from last fall, the Yak single from last month's Tour de Fleece and my finally finished Alpaca Wrap.

All three were awarded ribbons.  Two blue and and one red.  :-)  The red was second place to myself, since both of my yarns happened to be the same class.

Along with 1st place, the Tibetan Mastiff won a special award from one of my favorite local shops.

Along with first place for it's class, the Alpaca Wrap won Best in Show for Knitted Items!

OMG!  I was really just hoping for some useful comments.

So while each of the yarns had some deductions, the wrap was given a perfect score!

The judge said the wrap was "simple but striking."  Exactly what I was going for.... I'm just over the moon with my very first finished object entry.  :-D

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!


Ruth said...


Andria said...

Congratulations, that is pretty amazing! You make me want to enter the fair next year!

MarmePurl said...

Well Deserved!

Chrisknits b said...

Best wishes to your husband on his recovery. Absolutely Fabulous on your fair ribbons!!!! And love the Mister Alpaca's photo shoot. Adorable.

Voie de Vie said...

Congratulations! I could have told you that Tibetan Mastiff spin would win something. :) And llama bucks are perfect for a guard dog spin!