Friday, September 18, 2015

Fiber Arts Friday: Spinning Tibetan Mastiff

So I haven't been writing much, but I have been spinning a lot lately.

I started spinning the Tibetan Mastiff for the Tour de Fleece on July 4th.  I had quite a lot remaining at the end of the Tour, so I continued spinning.  Finally finishing the singles 7.5 weeks later on August 26th.

I was going for a thin yarn, so it broke a few times when winding off the bobbins.

The small, extra-fuzzy balls in the front were made on the drop spindle from raw fur. The rest was on the wheel from washed, carded fur.  9.75 oz total.

My Lazy Kate is too narrow for my bobbins, so I thought I would try to ply from cakes. But it's also too small in the vertical direction for the big cakes. :-/

So I started plying with three cakes on the floor, then finally found a yarn and two soup bowls to keep them contained.

I had to keep my home office door closed, as this was just way too tempting for a certain kitten.  ;-)

This was the first time one of my bobbins was completely full.  It held 6 ounces of 3-ply yarn.

Two skeins straight off the wheel...

And after a bath and stretch in the sun...

I finished spinning on September 4th, exactly 2 mos after starting.  I'm really happy with the results and can say that knitting with it is very nice so far. :-)

Happy Fiber Arts Friday.

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Linda said...

Looks so nice and soft! Nicely done.