Friday, October 9, 2015

Fiber Arts Friday: Tibetan Mastiff Scarf, part 1

My plan with spinning all of the Tibetan Mastiff over the summer was to eventually knit this scarf.

It's a simple stockinette pattern, stitched on the bias.  It called for a provisional cast on which I had not done before and is made by simply making one at one end and knitting two together at the other... very simple construction with a slightly different point of view.  Perfect for my place in life right now and I think just right for it's intended recipient.

I was worried that I may have spun the yarn too tightly.  It feels a bit like twine, but the bloom is really nice after it's knit.  It's quite soft and not too fuzzy for my taste.  Which is saying something,
because I tend to dislike fuzzy yarns.

The orange cotton is the provisional cast on and will eventually go away.  I probably should have chosen something other than cotton since picking up the stitches and knitting the first row was quite a challenge.  But I chose it because it would not felt with the TM and the color is easy to see.

It's at 20 inches already, so it's going quite fast.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!


MarmePurl said...

I L.O.V.E. that yarn!

Linda said...

Awesome TM yarn! Cool pattern. Nicely done :)

Spinster Beth said...

Wow ... that is gorgeous. It's like angora or something similar.

Unknown said...

Our Tibetan Mastiff has just started to blow her coat and I'm going to collect the fur. Any idea how many skeins of yarns we can expect? Dharma weighs about 95 pounds.

Kathryn Ray said...

How many skeins depends on how big your dog's coat is, how much of it you collect, what gauge the finished yarn is, and how many yards (meters) you put into each skein.

Personally, our dogs are outside, so some of their shed goes where ever the wind takes it. Also, I generally do not keep the tail or britches fiber because it's much more coarse than the body coat. It is useful, but should be kept for something that is not intended to be next-to-skin.

All that being said, I think you could assume about 1 pound per dog per year. Although I have a friend who gets more than 5 pounds off his male.

I'd love to know how your process goes.

Kimberley Corwin said...
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Kimberley Corwin said...

Thanks so much!