Friday, June 12, 2015

Fiber Arts Friday: Spinning Silk

I have been spinning silk off and on since last summer.

This is my first time with 100% silk.  It was squeaky and a little sticky when drafting but I love the color and the rustic texture of the finished yarn.  So I have mixed feelings about it.

Breaking the roving into thinner sections helped with the drafting, and it definitely mattered which end I started from.

I want to try hankies, so I will give it at least another try or two before I make a "final" decision on whether I like spinning 100% silk.  ;-)

I was going back and forth between plying and leaving this as a single.

So when I broke the yarn while winding it into a cake, I decided to ply only the smaller portion.

This has yet to have a bath, but you can see that my plying was not very consistent... some is loose and some is tighter.  

I'm fairly certain I am going to leave the rest as a single since I have a vague idea for a weaving.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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Ruth said...

I think thats the one thing that could tempt me into weaving. As a teen I had a chance to visit Thailand. Enjoyed it, but I came home with a dress of rough-woven silk. LOVED IT. It held up to everything. I've duplicated it with other fabrics, but none of them wore quite like that silk did. Your single looks alot like the thread used in the dress. I broke down a while back, and bought silk fabric that has a similar feel, but even that's not quite right.....