Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden: Planting Trees

While the tiny bit of snow we got on Holy Saturday was melted, it was still chilly and overcast on Easter Sunday.

Hubba picked up three small trees that friends had given us.  They actually offered the trees last fall, but with travelling and winter, the trade didn't happen until now.

I'm not entirely sure what variety these trees are, so until I learn better I am calling them a Maple, a Spruce and a Norfolk.

I dug big holes, layered alpaca manure and dirt, made sure the "neck" was above the soil and gave them a long, slow drink of water.

The pine trees had been in pots for quite some time.

I'm hoping I didn't do too much damage to the roots as I separated them from the pots.

I put a fence around each of the new trees in order to protect them from the enthusiastic, teething puppies and the lawn mower that may be used later this week.

The ground was easy to dig, so I am considering picking up a few fruit trees to plant next weekend.

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