Friday, January 28, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday: Spinning, three weeks in a row

Are you getting tired of the FAF Spinning posts?  No? Me neither.  ;-)

This time I have 100% Black Huacaya Alpaca from the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.

The Story

It was last fall and I had just started spinning the Cashmere/Tussah Silk I shared a couple of weeks ago.  The vision of a project appeared.  It was so vivid that it just about knocked me over.  It was as if the Cashmere told me what it wanted to be and I needed to find some black alpaca roving to make it happen.

We don't have any black alpacas, yet.  Hubba really wants one.  The mother of one of our dams is a true black, so I keep hoping she will give us a black one. ;-)  So far she's given us fawn female and rose grey male.  She's bred to a silver-grey now, so we have our fingers crossed for a black, female cria next fall.  :-)

Alpacamundo's Frieda

Alpacamundo's Big Thompson

Anyway, I did a little asking around and the wonderful Wonder Why Gal said she had it, but it would be some time before it was ready.  I told her I would wait because I had plenty to work on in the meantime.

The Spinning
In early January, the Box of Wonder arrived.  Just as I finished spinning the Aspen I told you about last week.  Talk about perfect timing.  :-)

This is my first time spinning from batts.  So it has taken a little getting used to.  Separating the batts into smaller sections (as recommended) helps a lot.

I've only spun a few ounces so far, but the fiber is as lovely as you would expect from the Wonder Why Gal.

Please make sure you visit her and the other Fiber Arts Friday Folks today.


Melissa Plank said...

I love the pictures of your heard and the Wonder Why black looks awesome spun up!

Dutch Hollow said...

Great photo of it on the bobbin!

Annie said...


Allison said...

I never get tired of seeing what you great fiber artists spin. It makes me want to join in on the fun!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Lovely! The sun hitting the bobbin is gorgeous!

Kathryn Ray said...

Thanks!! I love the photo of the yarn too. It's so hard to get dark colors to photograph well and the light was perfect that day. :-)

WonderWhyGal said...

oooooh, that yarn is looking lovely. That photo is GORGEOUS!

Hey, I have a couple of black female Huacaya for sale so if you get impatient, let me know ;-)

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Teje said...

Hello Kathryn! You have so much lovely things in your blog! I just love those sweet Alpacas! And all that wool - it is adorable!
Thank you for your visit, see you soon. Sunny wishes! Teje

AllyB said...

So now I have to go spin up my black alpaca from Andrea. Your yarn is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!