Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great Customer Service

I went to two hardware stores today and received excellent service from both of them.

First I went to The Home Depot.  I was looking for Diatomaceous Earth and Rain Gauges.

The young associate in the garden department's eyes popped open when I asked for help finding the Diatomaceous Earth.  Clearly he had no idea what I was asking for, but agreed to look it up and find someone who knew what it was.

Turns out, The Home Depot in our town does not carry diatomaceous earth but one associate knew exactly what I was asking for.  She told the associate who was helping me that one of the Ace Hardware stores had it.  The agent who was helping me called the local Ace Hardware to ensure they carried it and had it in stock.

Then they helped me find the rain gauges which of course I purchased from the Home Depot since they were so generous in helping to locate the other product from their competitor.

Then I went over to the Ace Hardware found someone to help me with the Diatomaceous Earth right away.  They knew exactly what I was looking for and why I was looking for it.

Tremendous, helpful and happy service from two stores today.  It was a pleasure.

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