Saturday, May 8, 2010

Captain Jack

Last September we had a naming contest.

Alpacamundo's Captain Jack was named by @Molleo1.

Jack is just about ready to get his first hair cut.  He appears to have oodles of fleece which I think he gets from his poppa.

You can see from his newborn pic that he looks almost black, but a current pic shows him looking brown.  I'm anxious to see what he and his fleece will look like after shearing.  His poppa looked almost red in full fleece, but almost black when shorn.

Jack has a black face and points like his poppa, but his face is his momma's.  That's his best bud, Eduardo, on the left.

Captain Jack is our youngest alpaca and therefore still our smallest but he is full of personality.  He jumps with excitement at feeding time and is still a bit dramatic during halter training.

We love this little guy.

Shearing day is scheduled for May 22nd.


molleo1 said...

YAY! You made my afternoon with this blog! I can't believe how different Jack looks now from the newborn photo! Give him a pat and a 'hello!' from me, and thanks again for taking the time to put together that special post! :)

Sharon said...

LOL! Now that is a bit of drama there.