Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Help us Name the Alpaca

The last Alpacamundo cria has been born for 2009... and he's the beautiful bay-black boy you see here. He was born on Monday, 9/7 (Labor Day) at 12:30 pm weighing in at 13.6 pounds. He is the son of Luna Vella's Jane and MBP (Rocky) Marciano.

Since we had so much fun naming Eduardo, we decided to let everyone participate this time.

The person who submits the winning name will be awarded 2 oz of fiber from his first shearing (approximately, May 2010).

How to Enter:
1) leave your entry in the comments section of this post or,
2) tweet your entry and use the #namethealpaca hashtag or,
3) If we're already friends on Facebook, leave your entry in the comments section of his photo on my Facebook page.

The Fine Print:
1) you can enter as often and as many ways as you like.
2) entries will be accepted until midnight, mountain time, Friday, September 11th.
3) I will provide Hubba/Mr. Alpacamundo with a blind list of the entries. He will then choose the winning name.
4) the winner will be posted on this blog.
5) In the event the winning name is submitted more than once, the one with the best reason will be declared the winner.


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Oberon is my suggestion (at least for the moment)... Kind of continues the celestial naming of the mother and the "ob" part makes me think of obsidian which is black.

Sheepmama said...

Samson, Lucky (combo Luna and rocky), Nipsy (tight black curls looks like nipsy Russell lol) , um Alfredo, Alonso, Fonzie, Merlin?

Carolyn said...

That rich color invoked thoughts of coffee and chocolate but that's way too common for this rich about espresso...dark, rich, mysterious......

linda said...

OK I'll play. I happen to know his grandma very well, dear old Luna Vella lived with us as a honored retirement guest until just last year when she when to alpaca heaven at age 21. I even met his mom Jane when she lived in Utah! So I think he needs a western name and I like Weston! :) Not to worry sheepmama, if I win, the fiber is yours. I have lots here!

katharine said...

How about Orlando? Yes, I know he is starting life as a boy...

maya | springtree road said...

i'm going out on a limb and say:


(that's verse-in-get-or-ix, or if you want to get truly old skool, you could say it as the gauls would've wer-kin-get-or-ix - but i like the first one better)

why? because it's an @$$k!ck!ng name, that's why!

my7kids said...

Love Luna Rock (you know like moon rocks), encompassing both his parent's names!

jesus_iscomin at
and at twitter

Allison & Jacob said...

First, I'd like to say that he is probably the cutest cria you've had. As I recall, I really liked both of his parents when we met them last year. So, I imagine he is going to be a lovely fellow. As for the name, I like naming animals after Greek mythology. So, here are a few suggestions. "Kallisto": this is actually a girl's name meaning "most beautiful", but you could call him "Kal"; "Melanthios": this means "black flower", I think that fits him and he could be "Mel" for short; "Zephyr" was the god of the west wind; "Perseus" killed Medusa; "Dionysos" was the god of wine, revelry, fertility and dance - what could be better than that.

This isn't from Greek mythology, but "Duncan" means "brown warrior" and was the name of a couple Scottish kings.

Jacob likes "Choco" because he looks like chocolate.

Ryan Wallace said...

How about "Darryl, Prince of Soul Glow"? The little guy's hair does bear a resemblance to Eriq LaSalle's character in Coming to America.

Zena Suri Alpacas said...

Happiness is my contribution. When you go to check on him and he is out in the field, you can always feel--no matter what the time or the weather--that you are in pursuit of Happiness.

Mary Pottinger said...

Since he was born on Labor Day I suggest you name him Owen after Robert Owen who coined the slogan 8 hrs labor, 8 hours recreation, 8 hrs rest.

Maren said...

I have to say, I love Vercingetorix. I had to translate some Ceasar about him once in grad school.

My own entry: Angus (as in a black bull).

If you like it, it's yours. We name our cria after Simpson's characters. :)


Kathryn Ray said...

Wow. You guys have come up with some great names so far.

I'm so glad, I'm not the one choosing.

We will post the results as soon as reasonable after the decision has been made. Hopefully, this will be Saturday.

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Congrats! He looks just like me. At first glance at first blush, he should be named after me: "Todd the god". That's courtesy straight from my wifey, Calla, of course. Soooooooo, his parents are Rocky Marciano and Luna something Jane? Well, THAT secures it, doesn't it???

He HAS to have a Colorado name, since he was "hatched" here. Let's see, hmmmmmm. Yes, it's right on the tip of my tounge! Come on out!! Ohhh man, the best name is....please sit down, if you aren't!

Drum roll please!

The perfect name? Mr. Mountain Man Rocky Mary-ciano Jane.

Ski and ride hard my friends! It's all about the snow. Or is it all about the love?

Fur begets fur. Later, Todd.

Sheepmama said...

Thx Linda! ::smooch::
I have a few more lol
Hines (as in Gregory. He has dark curly hair and looks light on his feet!)

Caroline in NH said...

The sire's name reminds me somehow of gangsters, and the first one that comes to mind is Lucky Luciano. Of course, mentioning gangsters, the next one I think of is Al Capone. Capone by itself would be nice! Or maybe (following the gangster theme which has captured my attention) Untouchable (The Untouchables - old TV show). Ness (Elliot Ness). There, that's four.

Of all of them, I think I like Capone best.

AlpacaFarmgirl said...