Friday, October 3, 2008


While contemplating my new blog today, I tried to figure out what to put in the "about me" section. I have to be able to market myself, right? Here’s some labels I came up with. No wonder I feel so scattered most of the time.

Alpaca Breeder
Aspiring Ranch Owner and Operator
Business Owner
Aspiring Author
Marathon Groupie
Really Good Cooker of Food
Recovering Engineer
Business Process Designer
Product Developer
Aspiring Yogini
Team Member
Seth Godin Groupie
Most of all: Loving Wife to my Perfect Soul-Mate

But, I still don't know what to put in the "about me" section.


box said...

Good thing you have me to help organize you! :)

About me:

I am currently an Employee at a local aviation company and I am also a small Business Owner (Alpaca Breeder) and aspire to be a Ranch Owner and Operator in the future.

Actually, I have many aspirations that include becoming an Author and Yogini but I find my grounding in being a Friend, Neighbor, Daughter, Sister (even to adopted brothers) and Marathon Groupie (I was one of the people that followed Forrest Gump). I also find inspiration in being a Seth Godin Groupie.

I spent many years as a Product Developer and the only thing it made me was a Recovering Engineer. That experience helped me to change my professional direction and led me on the path to become a Business Process Designer. In this role, I have learned my strengths as a Leader and the value that I offer others my being a great Team Member.

But, the two things that truly make me, me is that I am a Really Good Cooker of Food and more importantly, a Loving Wife to my Perfect Soul-Mate.

PS-My soul mate is not an alpaca.

Saleh AlShebil said...

Hey Kathryn..good start on the blog..and I love the "labels" post..;)