Friday, July 15, 2016

Fiber Arts Friday: Tour de Fleece 2016, part 2

I started this week with less than 1/8 oz of yak down left to spin.

Friday, July 8th
Morning: So close to being finished.

Evening: I couldn't stand having such a small amount to go. So the Friday night activities included spinning...

and skeining...

and one very excited single of Yak Down, ready for a bath. :-)

1 1/8 oz
122 yards

Saturday, July 9th - Challenge Day
I didn't have any specific challenges for today.  So I started spinning a Medium Brown Suri Pencil Roving.

Being a gift from a local Suri Alpaca breeder in March, this is quite youthful as far as my stash goes.

It turns out that transitioning from the short staple of the yak down to the long staple of the Suri was a challenge.  ;-)

Sunday, July 10th
This is spinning much finer than I intended. So I'm thinking about plying it.

Monday, July 11th - Rest Day
While today is supposed to be a rest day, I'm working to make spinning a morning habit.

Tuesday, July 12th

Wednesday, July 13th
I am really enjoying spinning for a few minutes in the mornings.

Thursday, July 14th
I've almost filled the first layer on the bobbin. 

1 3/4 oz to go. 

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!