Friday, January 8, 2016

Fiber Arts Friday: Swatching

I admit it.  I'm not big on swatching.

I do it when gauge is important for the project.  Then I only do the very minimum... cast on 20-30 stitches, knit a few rows in pattern, measure the stitches per inch.

I've never made a whole swatch and washed it.

I haven't even kept a partial swatch I've started.

I have always consumed the swatching yarn in the final project.

However, early last month I was working on a design idea.  After I sketched out the finished item and noted how to make each section, I decided I should swatch out part of the plan.

Since I don't have the yarn made for this design yet, I went to my stash and found a couple of samples that were sent as part of a larger order.  Neither of these yarns are something I would purposely go for.  The pink is very splitty, so I don't like working with it.  But they are the perfect size for swatching ideas.

After a couple of tests, I believe I have a good plan now.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday.


MarmePurl said...

Intrigued to find out what the plan is????

Ngọc Nguyễn said...

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