Sunday, November 22, 2015

Star Wars

Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw in the theater.

My sister, parents and I went to the Continental Theater in Denver.  At the time it was a nondescript, square, white building.  The line went around the building and everyone was excited.  I remember feeling excited too, but not understanding why.

We finally made it into the lobby and I was in awe.  High ceilings, chandeliers, archways and fancy carpet.

My next memory is sitting in the theater.  Everyone surrounding me was still excited and I still didn't understand why.

Then the lights went dark.  The music started.  The opening narrative flew through the sky.  There were space ships.... and then.... Darth Vader.  He scared me, but he had my full attention.

Good vs. Evil.  Good wins.  Amazing Music.  What's not to love?

Return of the Jedi was the first movie I saw in the theater without adult supervision.  My friend wanted to see one of the Jaws movies because she had already seen Return of the Jedi, but agreed it was worth seeing again.  It was.  I've probably seen it 20 times since then.

I'm excited about the next installment.  Every time I hear the music, I'm brought back to that first experience.


Chrisknits b said...

i probably saw the first one in a theater about 10 times. Not at full price though, only after it went to the cheap one. LOL At $1.00 a movie it was great. But the first time I saw it at full price I don't actually remember. You would think that one would stand out, but no, it was going with my sister to see it umpteen times for $1.00! LOL I have seen none past the first 3 and don't plan to. just give me the originals.

Linda said...

I think I saw the original Star Wars movie 7 times (at full price!) in the theater. It was amazing! The visual effects! The sound effects! I've seen all the others just once (really wasn't crazy about Clone Wars) and I'm looking forward to The Force Awakens.

MarmePurl said...

Funny thing is, I have only ever seen the original. Many times of course, but still only that one.