Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Good Night Chiva

Having a farm is mostly rewarding.  But some days are harder than others.

I had been wondering how much longer Chiva would be with us.  The last couple of winters had been tough on him.

He was older, but not "old."

He had a famous father, but poor conformation and skin issues that we could not get ahead of.

He was gelded early on and never a sire, but he was protective of the smaller alpacas.  So we would bring him into the Mom and Cria Corral a few weeks before we would separate the young boys from their mommas.

Chiva made weaning easier.  The little boys always had a friend who would stick up for them when the bigger boys would start to bully them.

I found him in the pasture Sunday afternoon within an hour of his passing.

His herdmates and protectors had already said their good-byes.

We're sad, even though we knew it was coming.

Chiva in younger days

Crescent Moon's Chivalry, we've enjoyed knowing you.  Thank you for being part of our herd.


Katja said...

I'm sorry, Kathryn.

Chrisknits said...

So sorry for the loss. He seems to have been a wonderful part of your family.