Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dog Show: Denver Cluster, 2015

Gunnar's first show as a Champion of Record was in Denver over President's Day weekend.  It's five days of shows, we entered four.

I took an extra day off from work to do his grooming myself... it was a lovely day so we did it outside, but not before Gunnar had a little fun of his own on my grooming table...

Fortunately he did not doo what he looks like he is dooing, but he does enjoy a good joke.  ;-)

He also enjoys performing in the ring, but he loves socializing and invited nearly everyone he saw to talk to him. 

He got to play with a very, pretty Newfoundland puppy.

Tried to steal a couple of stuffed puppies from the kids he met. 

Saw his brother, Ferdie, and auntie, Dixie.  As well as his breeder and a few more human and canine friends.

He did not take a bath in the washroom.

He did try to convince me that he should be my copilot one evening.

And he is delighted to be back with his pack, alpacas and puppies.

We entered four of the five days. He won Select Dog each of those days and is well on his way to a Grand Championship.


Linda said...

Go Gunner! Nicely done Kat.

Chrisknits said...

I was hoping to see him at the Westminster! I showed my husband the puppies, he said no. Drats! Kudos to your boy, he's beautiful.