Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things That Work: Surgical Soap and Dryer Sheets

The dogs found a den of Skunk Kits on the property.

While I'm proud of them for finding and resolving this threat, I was of course dismayed by the aroma.

The good news is that Momma Skunk was not around so they did not get the full effect.  But the kits were quite skunky as well as four of the dogs to varying degrees.

The few that were less skunky were rubbed with dryer sheets which managed to remove the majority of the scent... very surprising to me.

But the one who was especially skunky needed special treatment.

We found this surgical soap at the vet supply store when Mr. Skunky had found a rotten egg that some unknown varmint had stolen from one of our neighbors and left in our pasture.  So I figured it had a reasonable chance of working on skunk stink too.

I'm extremely happy.  One full-strength, Surgical Soap bath and he is back to normal.

This is a nice soap because it is non-irritating so I was less worried about washing his face... which had the brunt of the aroma.

Surgical Soap definitely works.

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