Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Road Trip

The Fluffy Puppy and I took a Road Trip last weekend.

He did great in the car, as I knew he would.  He rides in the car a lot and I have him wait often.  So the 4-hour drive was not a big deal.

He was very excited about his first visit to a hotel.  He enjoyed all of the attention from the staff and other guests.  He especially liked that he had the power to open the automatic, sliding-glass doors in the lobby.

His first ride in the elevators was a bit of a surprise to him.  He didn't love it, but by the end of our two days, he didn't hate it either.

I'm not sure what it was about the sofa...  He's not allowed on the furniture at home, but he hopped up there a few times, like he was King of the Hotel Room.  Don't worry, I didn't let him stay there.

Our room was on the 3rd floor.  He thought being able to look out and see the world from such a high vantage point was pretty neat.

I tried to close the curtains a few times, but would get upset until I opened them again.  In fact, he spent most of the first night like this.

We had our first full grooming experience with just the two of us.  He looked pretty good, even though neither of us got a whole lot of sleep.

The second night he was much more relaxed in the hotel so we both got some sleep.  He looked much better for day two.

He even spent some time hanging out on the grooming table while we waited for our ring time.

This young exhibitor came over to meet Gunnar and the two of them were in love with each other almost instantly.  :-)  I did not get his name.  I love his outfit.  He was showing Collies.

Mr. Gunnison and I had a very fun weekend away together.  He handled all of the new things very well... extra-long car ride, hotel, automatic sliding glass doors, elevators, freezer-door flaps, the congestion and distractions in the ring arena and noise of the grooming area.

He handled and stacked well in the ring.  In fact, much better than last time with the distractions of being in an indoor ring.  He's still the youngest TM in the competition, and while growing up, he's still very puppy-like.

He won his age group both days, came in 3rd for the Winner's Dog competition on Saturday and won Reserve Winners's Dog (2nd place) on Sunday.  No points to add toward his championship but I call it a very successful weekend.


Voie de Vie said...

Gunnar, you complete cutie, you - congratulations. I wonder if he thought he needed to "guard" the window?

Claire Davenport said...

That first pic of him on the grooming table. He just looks so... cool! Like he knows he's a fine-looking pooch and he's got the whole thing totally under control.

Ruth said...

Apollo likes being ON things. I think its the height. If he can get his head a little higher he's happy. I don't have a "no-dogs on the furniture" rule here, and he has taken over my end tables as his perch. Yes, my END TABLES. Which I will admit are fairly large, sturdy, pieces. But they're not that big. He loves them.

BTW, when I showed Hubby the picture of Gunner staring out the window of the 3rd floor he said "well duh, he's gotta watch over his peons from as much height as possible! Typical TM!".

Kathryn Ray said...

It's true. I think he was protecting me from the window side. He did not bark or growl once, but there was a lot happening on the street the first night.

Claire - he definitely knows he's a looker.... he's had a swagger since he was very young. lol.

Spinster Beth said...

I love that picture of him with his nose to the window glass!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Congratulations on his new adventures. That picture of him looking out the window is toooo cute.