Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remodeling: Bathroom #2, Finished


The bathroom remodel is finished now.  :-)

I still need to get a cabinet for the cubby behind the shower.

And the toilet is still behind the door.

But, I am so happy to have this finished.

Buy Local

As a manufacturer at heart and knowing that there aren't a lot of manufacturing options for me, I think it's important to support local manufacturing jobs.  It's difficult to find US manufactured products these days, but I did find a few.
  • USA: tub, pedestal sink, tile, baseboard, paint, grout, mastic
  • China: faucets, hoses, shower rod, curtain and hooks, light fixture
  • Taiwan:  towel racks
  • Germany: grout sponge
  • Mexico: outlet, switches and switch plate
  • Unknown: toilet, wall board, dew rock, primer
Environmental Impact

Remodels are tough.  A lot of trash is generated, both in the demolition and in the packaging of the new products.
  • Reused: mirror, exhaust fan, wallboard and studs not affected by tub/shower removal.
  • Saved for Later Use: Cabinet front, sides and drawers
  • Salvaged for Re-Store:  sink, light fixture, shower doors
  • Recycled: paper, cardboard and plastic packaging
  • Landfill: everything else
  • Continued Consumption: Both the new toilet and shower head are "low-flow" so we should see a reduction in water usage.  Also the Light Fixture Lamps are LEDs so there should be a reduction in electric usage as well.
So much nicer.  Fresh, clean, easy to clean and matching.  Time to start saving for the next project.  :-)


Voie de Vie said...

Yeah, that turned out great!!!!! I know that pedestal sink rather well. Nice faucet, too.

Alittlebitsheepish said...

It looks great

Natalie said...

I agree - remodels are tough. When we re-did the kitchen, we salvaged everything we could but we still ended up filling a whole dumpster with damaged wood, lathe and plaster, insulation (that had to come out as it was full of mouse droppings). I just kept telling myself -"it's only going to be one time" but it took a while to get it off my conscience. There's not much you can do though when you have to rip out absolutely everything to bring an old house up to code (we had no heat vent to half of our upstairs, the plumbing didn't work, and there was ONE outlet in the entire kitchen).
Your bathroom looks great by the way.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Yay! That must be such a relief and you did well on sourcing and re-purposing. I'm quite impressed!

city garden country garden said...

I love that you not only showed your gleaming new bathroom (which looks fab, well done!) but also thought about and listed where everything had come from.

MarmePurl said...

There you are! Your blog (and 2 others that I really like)mysteriously disappeared from my reader. I can't figure out what the problem is.
I had lots of catching up to have been busy.

Ryann Hoyer said...

Congratulations on a job well done , Kathryn! The process must've been tiring, but having a new bathroom definitely eases all the busy days that passed. The new bathroom is simple and neat. Additional light fixtures will make it brighter though. Good luck on your next project!
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